Poster Information

The Conference organization has provided a power point template with the aim of helping you draft your own poster. The use of this template is optional.

Please remember the poster must have the same contents as in the abstract and the same structure as indicated on the guidelines. 

Nevertheless, you may vary the composition of the template and include figures, tables, graphs, images and photographs. Ref. on the top at the right refers to your abstrct ID (290/....).

The language must be English.


The posters should be printed by the author with the following measures (these are maximum measures, your poster may be smaller but not larger):

0.90 m width max. (may be smaller)

1.40 m height max. (may be smaller)

Note 1: The conference organization will provide panels for the posters, where the authors will be able to hang their poster on their previously assigned spot. You will get further information on where to hang your poster before the conference.

Note 2: The use of pins is strictly forbidden. The conference organization will provide the material to stick the posters to the panels.

Note 3: All the posters will be exposed from Oct. 11 at 9am until Oct. 13 at 5pm . A committee of experts will be appointed to evaluate the selection of the four best posters. In addition to the certificate, the authors of these posters may publish their work as full papers in the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, in accordance with the norms of the Journal and after being peer reviewed. Information about the evaluation date will be available soon.

Download Poster Template

For any questions or doubts, please contact