It is a privilege to us to be the host of the 12th International Food Data Conference (IFDC). On behalf of the Organizing Institutions and the local Organizing Committee we are pleased to invite all you to the 12th IFDC in Buenos Aires, Argentina and enjoy the scientific topics around the selected theme “From Food Composition to better Policies and Programmes in Nutrition and Agriculture”. This conference will be held at the Cultural Center of Science (C3) of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, between the 11th and 13th of October 2017 as a pre-conference of the 21st International Congress of Nutrition.

Our aim is to exchange experiences among specialists from around the world around the activities of the generation and compilation of food composition data and their applications in the different areas such as nutrition, health, biodiversity, food technology, biotechnology, food policies, food nutrition education, and agriculture programmes and policies.

The Conference Programme Committee, with the support of the INFOODS and International Scientific Committee has been working to develop an outstanding program of scientific excellence divided into sessions covering a broad of topics, namely: 1) Emerging tools for food composition data generation, compilation, evaluation and dissemination; 2) Advances in food analysis and metrology; 3) Bioavailabilityof micronutrients and bioactive compounds; 4) Advances in database management including quality systems and standards. New databases; 5) Food composition usage in programmes and policies in nutrition and health 6) Food composition usage in programmes and policies in agriculture and trade; 7) Food composition, biodiversity and sustainable diets 8) Impact of processing and biotechnology on food composition, including yield and retention factors, effects of cooking; 9) Impact of climate change and environment on food composition; 10) Current activities on food composition at national, regional and international levels; and 11) Food matching.

We welcome all of you at the 12th IFDC and looking forward on working together on improving food data composition usage and availability from a multidisciplinary approach and welcoming professionals from nutrition, economy and agriculture.

This conference will allow us to exchange experiences and knowledge, create new partnerships and discuss aspects that may improve the food composition area and its usage. The shared experience of those countries already having a database could inspire others to apply those advances and new technology.

In addition, Buenos Aires is a great city with an intense cultural and recreational activity throughout the year with an important heritage in quantity and diversity of pieces, sets and manifestations of high historical, social and artistic value. Buenos Aires is a city of writers and readers with a wide variety of bookstores, as well as theaters, conferences, good cuisine and music as tango and folk, as well as international.

Our wish is that you have a fruitful and successful 12th IFDC, enjoy your stay and leave Buenos Aires with unforgettable fond memories. With the collaboration and support of all attendants and with the spirit of partnership and working together we hope that achieving the goal of the IFDC.


Norma Sammán

Ruth Charrondiere

Chair 12th IFDC Organizing Committee

INFOODS Coordinator